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Kally Love

 Founder, Sleepover Dreams

My mom had a knack for transforming a room in our home each year, to make it magical. To this day, slumber parties stand out as the very best parties. With Sleepover Dreams, kids in the Charlotte area get themed sleepover parties they’ll always remember. Busy parents gain an exceptionally easy way to provide an incredible experience for their child.

I started this business to push and challenge myself in ways I never had before. I wanted to have the flexibility to be able to drive my kids to preschool everyday. And I wanted to show them that they can do ANYTHING in this life with a little grit and determination!

Kally Love
Kally Love

That's me with my kids,

Marley and Max

Me at an early sleepover party

"Kally is absolutely awesome! We did a Sleepover Dreams party for our daughter’s 8th birthday. It was her first ever sleepover and she was so thrilled! It was wonderful to see the excitement and happiness of the little girls who came over. Kally made everything so easy and the tents and setup were so pretty!! Highly recommend this- definitely made my little girls dreams come true"


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