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Kally Love

 Founder, Sleepover Dreams

My mom had a knack for transforming a room in our home each year, to make it magical. To this day, slumber parties stand out as the very best parties. With Sleepover Dreams, kids in the Charlotte area get themed sleepover parties they’ll always remember. Busy parents gain an exceptionally easy way to provide an incredible experience for their child.

I started this business to push and challenge myself in ways I never had before. I wanted to have the flexibility to be able to drive my kids to preschool everyday. And I wanted to show them that they can do ANYTHING in this life with a little grit and determination!

Kally Love
Kally Love

That's me with my kids,

Marley and Max

Me at an early sleepover party

6 Keys to Hosting an
Unforgettable Kids’ Slumber Party







How to create an incredible sleepover experience for your child, and a seamless experience for you:

The sleepover party experience is a chance for your child to get a taste of independence while boosting social and problem-solving skills in a safe setting. Theme selection, foods, activities – it’s a good idea to bring your child into all of it. Provide choices and chances to be creative within a controlled environment. Let them feel like they’re driving it. Agree on a code word beforehand, so if an issue comes up during the party and your child isn’t quite sure what to do, you’re alerted without anyone knowing something’s wrong. But during the party, don’t hover. Let your child work the interpersonal side to resolve little issues that may come up, to help develop problem-solving skills.

Kids attending a party won’t typically feel as comfortable as they do in their own home. You and your child will want to make guests feel very comfortable by feeling included. Start by arranging sleeping spots so no one feels left out, using a special nameplate on each spot with each child’s name. This will prevent arguments over who sleeps next to the birthday girl or boy. Before the party starts, by all means remind your child to make everyone feel included, but it’ll be even better to provide activities that promote inclusiveness. If a dance routine is part of the fun and one child doesn’t want to dance, have that child be the DJ. Give every child a role, so the party is fun for everyone.

It’s best to keep main meals delectable but simple. You have enough on your plate. It’s natural to want everything to be perfect, but at the end of the day, almost every kid loves pizza. Think about linking food to activities by making meals interactive – and fun. Give the kids opportunities to personalize their foods and get a little creative. Like pizza-making, tacos in the evening are a good opportunity for a personal touch. As are waffles in the morning. Of course, be sensitive to food sensitivity (if one or more children are on a gluten-free diet, you’ll naturally want to know in advance and make sure they have food they’ll enjoy). And you’ll want to avoid heavy foods shortly before bedtime.

Pre-plan sleepover activities by putting together an activity list beforehand. One major activity is all you need. If kids punch through activities faster than planned, or one doesn’t seem to be working, move on to the next item. The major activity could be as simple as a movie before the kids go to sleep – or a clean version of a popular sleepover game that all but locks out the possibility of uncomfortable situations (e.g., “Spin the Bottle” could have nail polish colors to land on). As for the “edginess” of games, let the kids safely experience this rite of passage while gently encouraging the party to be a drama-free zone. Kids strive on structure, but maintain plenty of flexibility. Keep things lighthearted.

Let’s start with basic safety rules: No candles in the party room. No unsupervised cooking. And no leaving the house without a parental OK. Have extra toothbrushes on hand in case kids forget theirs. To ensure the kids get a decent amount of sleep, offer a prize to the child who falls asleep first. But don’t expect everyone to fall asleep at a particular time. Ask parents in advance about food allergies and other special issues. Let them know what their child needs to bring (e.g., a pillow for their tepee). And give parents a specific pickup time that isn’t too late in the day. 10 a.m. tends to work well.

At Sleepover Dreams, we’re passionate about creating sleepover parties that give your child an amazing experience while making the process exceptionally easy for you. Our themed teepees, decorations, and accessories transform a room in your home. We turn your designated party room into a cozy, comfortable, magical place – one that provides an intimate sense of community. That birthday party or other special day in your child’s young life becomes unforgettable for everyone – without a whole lot of work or stress for you. On the pages that follow, we’ll share Sleepover Dreams themes, a Q&A, and other essential details that reveal how easy it is for you to make a party dream come true.

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